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How to hide any folder or files in android without any third party software

Stuffs You're Gonna Need:
A working android device.A File Manager (default).Few fingers to work with.A Goat (optional).

First of all switch on your phone and unlock it . Now open your file manager. For this tutorial, I'm using the default file manager of Galaxy Y.

Next go to your file manager settings and look for the term, Show Hidden Files/Folders. And enable/mark it as shown in the figure below. Then save your settings.

Now rename the existing folder you want to hide or create a new one.While renaming the folder just add an extra dot (.) right before all the characters. And save it. Refer to the following screenshot for better understanding.

After that go to the file manager settings again and disable/unmark Show Hidden Files/Folders option. You're all done. The files at the folder will not be viewable at Gallery.

Windows Security

Security Architecture of Windows  There are three components of Windows Security:  LSA (Local Security Authority)  SAM (Security Account Manager)  SRM (Security Reference Monitor)

LSA (Local Security Authority)  LSA is the Central Part of NT Security. It is also known as Security Subsystem. The Local Security Authority or LSA is a key component of the logon process in both Windows NT and Windows 2000. In Windows 2000, the LSA is responsible for validating users for both local and remote logons. The LSA also maintains the local security policy.
 During the local logon to a machine, a person enters his name and password to the logon dialog. This information is passed to the LSA, which then calls the appropriate authentication package. The password is sent in a nonreversible secret key format using a one-way hash function. The LSA then queries the SAM database for the User’s account information. If the key provided matches the one in the SAM, the SAM returns the users SID and the S…

How to Check The email is original or Not

First of all let us see How email system is working over internet.
The email is sent on internet as shown in below picture

So Here The Sender i.e is sending a mail to so the sender will type the mail and click on
send button and the mail will go to will forward the mail over internet and the internet
will search the email ids server and send it to and the the will search for
the in their own database and then the mail will be forwarded to and when the XYZ user
login to their account they will see an email in their inbox which is from
Now How To send the fake mail To send fake mail We need to Bypass the and both and directly send an email over
internet .
So for that we will use a .php script as php has a function mail(); which can send email to any one without the and directly delivering the mail to SER…

What is A PHISHING attack ? And how to avoid it.....

Phishing   The act of sending an Email to a user falsely claiming to be an established legitimate enterprise in an attempt to
scam the user into surrendering private information that will be used for identity theft.

   The Email directs the user to visit a Web site where they are asked to update personal information, such as
passwords and credit card, social security, and bank account numbers, that the legitimate organization already
has. The Web site, however, is Bogus and set up only to steal the User’s information.

Phishing scams could be
  Emails inviting you to join a Social Group, asking you to Login using your Username and Password.

  Email saying that Your Bank Account is locked and Sign in to Your Account to Unlock IT.

  Emails containing some Information of your Interest and asking you to Login to Your Account.

  Any Email carrying a Link to Click and asking you to Login.

Prevention against Phishing
  Read all the Email Carefully and Check if the Sender is Original

  Watch the L…

Control media players by gesture using webcam

Now you can control media players by simple gestures using your webcam.........
A software named flutter comes with this feature and it is also absolutely free...... 
It is available for both windows and mac
You can download it from thier official site:-
Here are some of its great features.....

You can try it yourself . It is absolutely free...

How to Remove a Virus Using Command Prompt

Virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect your computer. These viruses can spread via USB/flash drive or from one computer to other computer by few written codes. There are many antivirus software available to remove viruses from computer. But there are some viruses or suspicious files which can’t be removed by any antivirus software. Some suspicious files such as autorun.inf initiate all the viruses in pc. These files must be removed for safe operation of your pc, because they may lead to data loss, software damages etc. Such viruses and files can be removed by using cmd. In this article we will discuss how to remove a virus using command prompt. Following steps can be used to remove a virus using command prompt from your computer.
   Go to start menu and type “cmd” in the search box or Start>all programs>accessories>command prompt.

Open the infected drive such as write , g: to go to G drive.Now type dir/w/a . It will show all the files of the drive includin…

How to Change Processor Name Permanently

It is very easy to change your processor name permanently by creating a registry key and placing a shortcut to it in the windows start up folder. To do so, just follow the steps given below:-
Steps :-
1.  Open Notepad.

2.  Copy and paste the exact code given below:-

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\CentralProcessor\0]"ProcessorNameString"="My Processor name 50000MHz"

To change the processor name, edit the part of the code given in blue. Also understand that \0 in the above code should only be present if Windows store your processor name at that location. Please open Registry Editor and navigate to the above mentioned keys to check whether or not to include the \0.

3.  Click on File Menu, click on Save As and select "All Types" in Save as Type option. Save the file as ProcessorNameChange.reg or *.reg.

4.  Create a new shortcut on your desktop. Enter regedit / S "Location of the .reg file" as the locatio…

How to Trace Any IP Address

How to Trace the IP Address Back to the Source? In fact, tracing an IP address back to its location is a lot simpler than what many people imagine. There exists many online tools using which you can accomplish this job. One of my favorite site is
Just go to and enter the IP address that you want to trace in the dialog box and click on “Find Location”‘. With just a click of a button you can find the following information for any given IP address:
Country in which the IP is located City to which the IP address belongs to Latitude/Longitude of the IP’s location Zip Code of the region to which the IP belongs to Time Zone associated with the IP Name of the ISP to which the IP address belong to

How to Set a Video as Your Desktop Wallpaper with VLC

Are you tired of static desktop wallpapers and want something a bit more entertaining? Today we’ll take a look at setting a video as wallpaper in VLC media player. Download and install VLC player. You’ll find the download link below. Open VLC and select Tools > Preferences.

On the Preferences windows, select the Video button on the left.

Under Video Settings, select DirectX video output from the Output dropdown list.

Click Save before exiting and then restart VLC.
Next, select a video and begin playing it with VLC. Right-click on the screen, select Video, then DirectX Wallpaper.

You can achieve the same result by selecting Video from the Menu and clicking DirectX  Wallpaper.

If you’re using Windows Aero Themes, you may get the warning message below and your theme will switch automatically to a basic theme.
After the Wallpaper is enabled, minimize VLC player and enjoy the show as you work.

When you are ready to switch back to your normal wallpaper, click Video, and then close out of VLC.


Make a private folder

To make Private folder which nobody can open, delete, see properties, rename. To make such a folder you need to make a folder with any name. For example- manthan on desktop. And then open command prompt and then type the following command on the screen.
Then type

Cd desktop

Cacls folder /E /P everyone:n

And hit enter the folder is locked
To open the folder just: replace :n with : f
And the folder is opened


Creating WiFi Hotspot Network in windows 8,8.1 and 7 using Command Prompt

Step 1: To Create WiFi Hotspot in Windows 8,8.1, Windows 7 PC
First you need to know that whether your PC hardware supports hotspot feature or not. To check this follow the instructions open your command prompt in administrative mode(if you don’t know this post your comment i will tell you)Enter this command  :::   netsh wlan show drivers
If it show “yes” as you can in image you can create wifi hotspot in your PC.Go ahead you’re almost done.If it shows No you PC can’t create hotspot.Don’t close your command prompt until i say close it because we need it again. Step 2 : To Create WiFi Hotspot Network in Windows Laptops
Enter the below command (your CMD must be open in administrative mode) netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=(Name of wifi here) key=(Your password here) Hit enter then you will see like in below image.If you see image like below then your doing right.Now your hotspot is activated in your PC.

Here is my WiFi name and FastTechBuzz is my password.You ca…

Create Text Speech Program using Notepad

This is an amazing trick. By using this trick you can make a program to speak whatever you type. This trick is working on all Microsoft operating system and does not require any programming skills. You have to follow just simple steps and your own Text to Speech software will be ready. If you show this software to any of your friends he will be certainly impressed with you . Just follow the step given bellow:-
1. Open Notepad and copy and paste the following code into it

Dim message, sapimessage=InputBox("What do you want me to say?","Speak to Me")Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")sapi.Speak message

2.Now save the notepad file with the name speak.vbs at your desktop.
3.Now double click on speak.vbs type in the box whatever you want your computer to speak for you.
Its a really funny trick to impress everybody with your computer skills.....

Make simple virus with notepad

Virus writing code..!! Friends want to play with your friends computer..?

If yes then start reading this post.

In this article i came with new pranks (or) tricks (or) similar to virus creating ..
ya it's acts like a virus but not virus it's a simple programme.

Materials: NOTEPAD

By using only notepad you can create your own virus don't worry it doesn't effect your PC.

Ok the below are the codes of Virus like acting.

* Convey your friend a lil' message and shut down his / her computer:

Type in notepad:

@echo off
msg * I don't like you
shutdown -c "Error! You are too stupid!" -s

Save it as "Anything.BAT" in All Files and send it.

* Open Notepad continually in your friend's computer:

Type :

@ECHO off
START %SystemRoot%\system32\notepad.exe
GOTO top

Save it as "Anything.BAT" and send it.

* Toggle your friend's Caps Lock button simultaneously:

Type :

Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
wscript.sleep 100

Use your USB pendrive as a Virtual RAM

Have you ever thought that you can use your USB pen drive as your computer's RAM? I will tell
you how to do this. It is very very simple. The fact that it is so simple is because Windows 7 and
 Windows Vista both comes with a function called "ReadyBoost" which allows us to use our
 USB as System Virtual Memory. There is nothing much to do here. Just insert the Formatted
 Pen drive, Select Properties and go to the "ReadyBoost" tab, from there select "Use This 
Device", select the maximum memory available and click on apply. this ought to make it as a
 virtual system memory